Contrapunctus Press was founded in 2016 by Dr. Dominic Florence with the initial purpose of publishing a new edition of Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Art of Fugue. The success of this venture has prompted us to expand our efforts.

Our primary goal is to produce accurate and beautiful performance scores of keyboard music written by J. S. Bach. These will be new editions based on the original manuscripts and first prints using modern typesetting conventions but free from other editorial changes. The scores will be available with and without fingering in both print and digital versions. General remarks and editorial commentary for each work can be found in the Contrapunctus Press Companion.

We create two different versions of each score. One is what we label a reference score, which is our attempt at presenting the music with as little interference as possible from the editor, thus providing a clean score for scholars and performers to study. The other is a performance score, which adds suggested fingerings and hand assignments.

All of our scores are available in three formats: a physical print (recommended for study at a keyboard and for book collectors), a high-resolution PDF (recommended for musicians who wish to print their own copy and scholars who prefer a digital version to study and create excerpts for their writing), and a lower resolution EPUB (a fixed layout ebook, recommended only for casual study or as a listening guide). The ebooks are exclusively available through Apple’s iBooks Store, while the PDF and physical formats are only available through the Contrapunctus Press website. The physical version is printed on heavy, ivory-coloured paper measuring nine by twelve inches and is wire-bound.

The music contained in our scores is public domain, but our editions are copyrighted material. You are encouraged to study, practice, teach and perform with our books. You may also print out your PDF or use attributed examples in your writing. However, copying, sharing or transmission (uploading or downloading) is not allowed. We ask that you respect copyright laws and the hundreds of hours of effort that go into each publication. If you find our scores being posted or shared without our permission, please let us know at email@contrapunctuspress.com.

In addition to keyboard scores, we intend to publish a small number of educational texts. These books will be unique in both form and content, with an emphasis on presenting discussions about music in a highly individualistic manner. This will be accomplished through engaging and logical methods. All of our books will have strong pedagogic principles.

For more information about Contrapunctus Press, our editing and engraving processes, and commentary for the scores we publish, click here to download the free Contrapunctus Press Companion.

For more information about Dominic Florence, please visit his personal website at dominicflorence.com.

Founder at Work
Founder, editor, and engraver Dr. Dominic Florence.